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full-time, 6-month program in newport, ri

Marine Systems Training 

Full-Time, Comprehensive 6-Month Marine Technician Training & Certification at IYRS in Newport, RI


Learn the theory and technologies associated with systems, both stand-alone and fully-integrated. Learn to install, repair and troubleshoot everything from engines, electrical systems, computer-based electronics and hydraulics. IYRS graduates have the technical and problem-solving skill sets to successfully navigate challenges across a variety of platforms on land or at sea.

IYRS Marine Systems students gain direct hands-on experience and certifications in the maintenance of various boat systems, along with the knowledge and problem-solving skills to become top technicians and mechanics.

Our shop & training facility is located in Rhode Island, the Ocean State. You'll be surrounded and engulfed into a thriving marine industry in beautiful Rhode Island. Our shops, labs and classrooms are located on our 3 acre waterfront campus in Newport, RI.

  • Electrical and Electronic Systems
  • Steering (Mechanical & Hydraulic)
  • Marine Pumps
  • Fuel Systems
  • Diesel & Gasoline Engines
  • LPG Systems
  • AC and Refrigeration
  • Plumbing Systems
  • Sit for ABYC Certification Exams


Jess Bordner

Marine Systems '15

“Once you get out in the civilian world, there’s not too many positions for a helicopter mechanic, but I found the systems course, I thought, this is my opportunity, this is what I need to do,” Said Jess Bordner. 
After six and a half years in the Army National Guard Jess enrolled in the Marine Systems course, largely because her husband, Josh, had been having such a positive experience in IYRS’ Boatbuilding & Restoration program. Jess now works with The Hinckley Company, a manufacturer of luxury sailing yachts and jet-powered picnic boats.

Morgan Huntley

Marine Systems ’08

Morgan Huntley actually graduated from the very first Marine Systems class back in 2008. Since then, Morgan’s career in the marine trades has had an incredible rise - after graduation, Morgan left IYRS and honed his craft for employers such as Hinckley and Loughborough Marine before venturing out on his own with Vanquish Boats, LLC. Vanquish today is thriving, designing and building premium center console, runabout, and dual console performance day-boats. In addition to building such great boats, they’re also doing service work on other boats, lamination work for other manufacturers and making exciting plans for the future.

Bruce Jacobs

Marine Systems ‘12

Bruce Jacobs graduated from the Marine Systems program in 2012. He traveled to the United States from the United Kingdom for the systems program after spending years as a professional yacht captain around the world. “It had frustrated me that I simply didn’t have the knowledge to fix even pretty minor problems…I knew that to become a better skipper and to have any chance of running my own sailing company, I would have to learn how to maintain and repair all the systems on board. ” said Jacobs. With his new found skills, Jacobs founded Rubicon 3, an adventure sailing company where he welcomes experienced and non-experienced alike on-board for “part sailing holiday, park sail training school and part adventure travel explorer” on-water expeditions!

Frankie Sisneroz

Marine Systems '18

Frankie Sisneroz was a shining example of a “career-changer” student seeking to parlay his deep love and passion for sailing into a new career. Moving to Rhode Island from Southern California after years of work experience as an electrician, and some time in the healthcare industry, Frankie enrolled at IYRS and was a spark of enthusiasm as he began training for his new career in the marine trades. Upon graduation, Frankie was brought on as a Marine Electrician at The Hinckley Company, a manufacturer of luxury sailing yachts and jet-powered picnic boats. Additionally, Frankie was awarded the 2017 Ted Hood Designer Series Scholarship, an award offered to yacht designers, enthusiasts and/or individuals pursuing an education in the marine trades.

Request Info:

To learn more about the Marine Systems program at IYRS, or to schedule a visit, fill out the form below or call 401.848.5777 for more information.


an education in integrated marine systems

Let Your Passion for Boating &
Your Career Intersect at IYRS!


With the troubleshooting and problem-solving skills you'll gain through our full-time, hands-on curriculum, you'll find yourself a valuable asset whether you're out on water, in the marina, in the shop, or in your own garage.

You'll be introduced to a broad breadth of training, including diesel engines, electrical, electronics, steering, marine pumps, fuel systems, plumbing, AC & refrigeration, and LPG systems.



Working in modules, students in the IYRS Marine Systems program progressively learn to install individual systems and  learn how each system interconnects to one-another.

Eventually, you will have built an entire working panel which simulates most of the systems on a modern powerboat or yacht! These skills often translate to a variety of platforms, such as tiny homes, motorsports, RV's, and more!



The water is one of the most volatile, rough and unpredictable environments for something with such significant value. Taking careful preventative steps and ensuring the boat is well maintained is stressed in our program. 

When working in the marine industry, yards, marinas, boat owners and yacht clubs count on highly talented technicians to keep their clients and customers' boats in ship shape!


Certifications from the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) are considered the gold star standard in marine technician certification. Our curriculums are taught to ABYC standards, and students are well-prepared to sit for certification exams. Included in your time at IYRS, you'll sit for:


your campus

Enjoy our Beautiful Campus in the Heart of Historic Newport

IYRS is located right in the heart of downtown Newport, Rhode Island, the beautiful “city-by-the-sea.” IYRS has a 3-acre waterfront campus that features state-of-the-art shops, labs, makerspaces and classrooms, including those in a brand new 20,000 sq. ft. build space.

The Newport community and its surrounding areas offer a wide range of activities: catch a ballgame, a wave, or some rays. Go hiking, biking, golfing, surfing, sailing - observe the history, taste the artisanal cuisine, or listen to the world class music festivals. Newport offers an intimate setting full of bigger city perks nestled into the New England coastline.

Learn More About IYRS Today

IYRS programs have limited enrollment. Marine Systems is a full-time, six-month long program with all classes held on our Newport, Rhode Island campus. Newport is a desirable destination for boating and sailing with a deep history & appreciation for high-end craftsmanship.

Marine Systems FAQs

What sets IYRS apart?

According to many employers in the industry, what sets an IYRS graduate apart is their passion, their commitment to life-long learning, teamwork and problem-solving skills, and a deep understanding of how to get a job done right, on time, and on budget.

What is a day like for a student?

Students learn by doing, working alongside master technicians and other trained instructors with years of industry experience. Practical experience in the repair, maintenance and installation of systems is supplemented by classroom lectures and off-campus excursions. 

Do I need to have experience to enroll?

IYRS teaches students skills and training needed to get a job and build a career you will love. While previous technician experience is not required, a passion for working with your hands, working with a team and independently, problem-solving, an appreciation for craftsmanship, and an interest in an alternative hands-on education & training path are those who make the most of their time at IYRS. 

What should I know before I enroll?

You should know that IYRS is widely considered the highest level of industry training, and our student body are focused, serious, and dedicated to maximizing their hands-on learning experience. The full-immersion of this program means students are on the shop floor, in the machine shop and in the classroom from 8:30-5:00pm each day, and the learning is constant.  

Does IYRS offer housing?

IYRS does not have dorms, though the rental market is active and robust; IYRS offers resources and support to secure housing within walking and biking distance, if desired.

Does IYRS offer career services?

Yes, IYRS has a vigorous career services curriculum for each and every student which is baked right in to the IYRS experience. All students will have the opportunity to enhance their skills by completing an off-site internship at the completion of their program. IYRS' stellar reputation across the marine industry helps graduates secure career opportunities and advance their career in and out of the marine trades across the United States.

Does IYRS offer financial aid?

Yes, IYRS is a private, non-profit, accredited institution, and students are eligible for U.S. government financial aid, as well as need-based and merit-based financial aid from the institution. Additionally, IYRS offers robust scholarship opportunities to help ensure an IYRS education is affordable and accessible.

Can I use my Veteran’s Benefits?

Yes, IYRS is certified to accept G.I. Bill benefits for eligible U.S. Military Veterans. Veterans who qualify for the Post-9/11 G.I. Bill (Chapter 33), the Montgomery G.I. Bill (Chapter 30) and Veterans’ Vocational Rehabilitation Programs (Chapter 31) may use their benefits at IYRS

What is the student body like at IYRS?

IYRS is a post-secondary school with students of all ages, post-high school. Students come to IYRS with a host of interests, backgrounds and motivations; they are high school graduates, Military Veterans, career changers, international students, and hobbyists.

What does IYRS mean?

IYRS was founded in 1995 as the International Yacht Restoration School. The school discovered that its true strength is a hands-on learning model wrapped in career skills development that allowed IYRS to grow and diversify training across the maker and manufacturing economies.

IYRS School of Technology & Trades

IYRS provides experiential education, preparing students to enter a global maker and manufacturing workforce. IYRS teaches the art and science of designing, making, building, restoring and maintaining, and in the process, helps its graduates build both careers and more meaningful lives. Inspired by the knowledge that in their hands and through the use of technology, IYRS graduates have the power to build almost anything.

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